Parenting After Separation Course

"Parenting Without Conflict" Course and Skills Coaching

The Mediation Company promotes a Post Separation course called the “New Ways for Families - Parenting without Conflict” course, designed for parenting under stress. It covers issues facing parents who are separating. It will teach you new skills to manage your emotions, to reduce conflict and to improve your co-parenting relationship with your former partner. The course will also provide you with information about the different developmental stages of children and about the effect of divorce and conflict on children. The course is provided through our alliance with Interact Support, a not-for-profit established to reduce and resolve family conflict. 


The course is unique to any other Post-Separation Parenting course offered in Australia in that it allows clients access to a number of trained Certified Coaches throughout Australia.  The Mediation Company provides private one-one-one coaching sessions for this course.  Our Certified Coaches have been specifically trained to empower you to manage and reduce conflict and form stronger relationships.  The coaching sessions are affordable and will give you important life skills that are simple and easy to learn.  You can teach your new skills to your children and you can apply your new skills to all aspects of your lives, including your home, work and relationships with family and friends. 

The course is widely used in the United States by the US Courts and other US professionals such as counsellors, mediators, lawyers. It was originally developed by the High Conflict Institute in the United States and was adapted and introduced in Australia in 2018.

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The New Ways for Families - Parenting Without Conflict course is provided online. That means that you can complete the course from the comfort of your own home.  It is a twelve module course and is self-paced. The skills coaching sessions are reasonably priced and can be done either face-to-face, or via video conferencing.  The video conferencing is easy to set up and can be facilitated through an ipad, laptop, computer.  This means that you can have your coaching session from the comfort of your home, at a time that suits you. 

The New Ways for Families - Parenting Without Conflict course is reasonably priced and financial hardship applications are considered. To find out more about this course, please contact us.


New Ways For Families