Family Dispute Resolution


Making Decisions after Separation or Divorce

A relationship breakdown can be an emotional roller-coaster.  If you have a child, this can make the process even harder.  You and your former partner may need to make difficult decisions about the care of your child following separation or divorce. Discussing and agreeing on these issues after separation or divorce can be difficult and can escalate conflict and tension. Many people end up in court, which is expensive, time-consuming and escalates the conflict.  

This is where we can help you. 


Your Child

Some of the decisions you may need to make in relation to your child may include how much time the child will spend with each parent, including school holidays and special events such as birthdays.  You may also need to make decisions about financial support of the child, education or schooling, medical or health issues, religious or cultural issues, relocation or travel decisions, strategies for on-going communication and many other decisions regarding the general well-being of your child.

This is no small task.   


We Can Help You

We can help you and your former partner resolve your parenting issues through a Mediation session. This is called Family Dispute Resolution. 

Having a Mediator in the room while you discuss these sensitive issues can really help make these decisions a lot simpler and easier for you both. A Mediator is specially trained to manage conflict and maximise the chances of resolving your issues. Your Mediator will guide the process and support you both to make decisions which are in the best interests of your child.  We will provide you with a comfortable, safe and confidential environment, in which you and former partner can try to resolve your parenting issues with the guidance of a Mediator. 


Parenting Plans

 If you reach agreement during Mediation, we can write up a Parenting Plan for you.  This is a document that details the agreement which you and your former partner have agreed during Mediation. Although a Parenting Plan is not legally enforceable, it can be used by you or a lawyer to draft Consent Orders for approval by a court. 

Our Mediators

We use Nationally Accredited Mediators (called Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners), who are Registered with the Attorney-General's Department. Our Mediators are trained to use proven Mediation processes and skills, to maximise your chances of resolution. Our Mediators will consider the best interests of your child throughout the whole process.

We will also adapt the style of your Mediation to ensure you get the type of Mediation which you are most comfortable with. For example, we offer Shuttle Mediation, for situations where you do not wish to be in the same room as your former partner. We also offer Video Mediation, for situations where you do not wish to be in the same building as your former partner. Your Mediation can be held at a time that suits you, including after hours or weekends. 

Our Fees

We offer affordable fees, which are fixed and agreed with you prior to the Mediation, so that there are no surprises.    

Have any questions?  Please contact us and we will respond to your query as soon as possible.